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This is the first edition of SmartPhone Users (SMU) ePublication - this one catering for owners of the recently released 9210/9290 Communicator. The ePublication - in Adobe PDF format, contains an in depth review of the 9210 and various support articles for new users, totalling over 40 pages! Additional

Other Programs


Carbuyer is a simple guide on what to look for when buying a second-hand car. It has additional fields for you to add comments, and lets you load and save a car's details if you're shopping around. Ad

Gas Fired Heater Calculations

Perform all the calculations that you will need for monitoring process fired heaters using gas fired heater calculations. Calculate efficiencies, adiabatic flame temperature, flue gas composition, duties, flow rates and more.

Lost in 3d

This is a 3D maze game. You choose the size of the maze, and the computer compiles it and puts you in it. You have to get from the entrance in the west wall to the exit somewhere on the east wall. You see only what you would see from within the maze,


A simple character map program!


Download PS5T

A simple character map program!

Download PS5T

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